Parents: Help Your Child Succeed

1. Check grades and attendance on PowerSchool.


Your child's grades and attendance are recorded online through PowerSchool.
Check this regularly for accuracy and to address any problems as soon as possible.
You can set PowerSchool to email you grades and attendance as often as every day.

PowerSchool website


PowerSchool Help
Contact Matt Rittenberry at (720) 747-3103.

Questions about Attendance
Contact Edmonia Jackson at (720) 747-3010.

2. Contact teachers.


Contact your child's teachers if you have any questions about assignments, tests, or classroom policies. Teachers' phone numbers and email addresses are listed on this page.

3. Contact counselors.


Contact your child's counselor if you have concerns about the cou​rses he/she is taking​.
If the course level is too easy or too difficult, the counselor can advise you.
If your child is in danger of failing a course, the counselor can recommend a plan of action to help your child graduate.

Community 1
Contact Kelley Whalen at (720) 747-3064

Community 2
Contact Sarah Vondle at (720) 747-3033

Community 3
Contact Julius Boyd at (720) 747-3123
Contact Leah Aglietti at (720) 747-3089

4. After-school tutoring

Please contact your child's community office for the tutoring schedule

5. Begin planning for college with Naviance

Naviance Succeed provides a wide range of tools to help students develop long-range course plans that not only meet graduation requirements, but also help students realize their ultimate post-secondary goal. Naviance creates and supports a college-going culture by encouraging all students to explore post-secondary educa​tion options​. Students and parents are given valuable insight into the college admissions process.

Student and Parent Login
Login: https://connection.naviance.com/prairiems