Parent Drop Off - Pick Up Map


Thank you for helping to keep our students safe by knowing the drop off- pick up map! Please follow the green arrows, they will lead you to the student drop off areas. One is on the South side of Prairie in the upper parking lot. The second is along Jewell Ave. If you drop off in the upper lot you may want to try the Jewell drop-off. Jewell seems to be the quickest way to drop off your student and get back on the road!

Please do not drop-off in the bus loop, this is a safety zone and is for busses and district vehicles only!

Be a courteous driver, please make sure your student is ready to exit the car when you stop. long good byes back up traffic.

Please Do not move or drive around cones, they are placed for the safety of your child and all of our students.

Thank you for your support,
Prairie Staff

Parent drop off and pick up map